Let's see the solos and Lesbians. Just as partnered sex with a penis in the vagina, solo sex is just self-pleasure. You can choose to touch any part of your body that works for you. 


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When it comes to solo sex a girl is excited to experiment with her body and find out the different body parts that turn her on and what kind of signals they send to her brain. So don’t worry anything that connects you to your sexual arousal is good for the soul.
 Masturbating helps you discover your body in a way no one can do for you, it’s a stress reliever for some people and it’s sexually rewarding and known for being a mood booster.



Well, we all have what works for us but one thing to achieve great self-pleasure is being comfortable by this I mean the right time and right place. No one wants to be in the middle of a pounding clit and a phone rings or somehow you find yourself in a non-comfortable position. Try out what works for you and work with that, is it laying flat on your bed with lights off, or deemed lights. Some people have their favourite porn clips as a starter pack, others play music, and some just like it quiet so baby girl whatever works for you is okay just be comforting.

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Do you have some lube, do you have some toys? These can be added to the mix, remember our goal is to pleasure ourselves and achieve maximum orgasm. The finger works perfectly when the clit is well lubricated, but yeah if you have your vibrator why not add some vibration to the clit? Just the buzzing sound of the vibrator is exciting enough, so be it the clit bullets, the finger vibrators, vibrant ageing cock rings whatever you have, use it to your advantage. Well if you have more than one the better, one can go into the vagina, the other in the butt, and one on the clit. 

Another way to enhance solo sex is by adding a sex pillow to your pleasure, this sex pillow helps you reach out to the most important parts of the body easily and this could ease or speed up your orgasm after all the ultimate goal is to climax/cum.
Solo play can also be enhanced by watching some of your favourite porn videos if you have a girl or a man to help with phone sex this could be something that increases your pleasure. As you do this you can decide to watch yourself in the mirror, invite a friend or your partner to join in and also play solo, you can masturbate over a text, there’s plenty to explore your sexuality and give yourself maximum pleasure.

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When it comes to lesbians, this is another whole exciting moment. Lesbians are accepted in society and are not afraid of saying who they are.  You be born a lesbian or you can adapt to likely fucking people of the same sex. Lesbians have plenty of ideas, one girl can choose to be a man, both girls can be women, they can scissor, they can use strap ons among other things. The moment important thing is to communicate with your partner and know what works for them. At this site, you will find tiny, pretty, sexy, horny lesbians doing all it takes to pleasure one another.

Well, I can take you through a few things girls kissing each as one of the most romantic things that a man would love to watch, from kissing they can take down to nipple play either using their fingers, tongue, toys, ice blocks anything as long as you and your partner are enjoying what you are doing.

Depending on what you have decided to use with your partner manual stimulation can be complemented by sucking. Pleasuring for lesbians can be by rubbing the clitoris using a well-moist finger, or fingering as a way of locating the g-spot, lesbians can also go as far as reaching for the anus, which can be touched, licked, or penetrated. But let us talk about the commonest of them all, lesbians using manual, oral, and additional of sex toys. As a man who will watch such girls be ready to get your greatest arousal, these girls know how to make each other happy, the way they kiss and suck on to the clitoris will leave you horny. Some lesbians go for different sex positions but 69 is one we will discuss, this is a double pleasure, the moaning from two sexy girls is sensational and will make you want o fuck straight away.


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